Golden State and Cleveland tip off the Finals and it’s glorious

Golden State Steph Curry and Lebron James

Steph Curry, left, and LeBron James will meet in the Finals for the third straight year after having each won once. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Ignore the haters and just appreciate basketball between two high quality teams. We’ve got a bunch of great articles for you to sift through as Part III of the Golden State – Cleveland Trilogy is going to be an epic.

We’ve broken it down into full series previews and Game 1 takes, as well as a look ahead to Game 2.

Finals Previews

What to watch in Cavs-Warriors, a Finals trilogy with all-time stakes  Zach Lowe, ESPN

Lowe is the master of analytical NBA journalism. Here he breaks down both teams flaws, which players they’ve added/subtracted compared to last season’s Finals, and even throws in a MJ/Lebron Goat comparison (seems to be the hot topic right?) just for giggles. Then he gives us his own predictionin what may be our pick of the finals previews.

2017 NBA Finals Predictions: Warriors or Cavs? – Sports Illustrated writers

The SI staff break down their picks for the title.

The Warriors Aren’t A Small-Ball Team Anymore – Kyle Wagner, Five-Thirty-Eight

Kyle takes an in-depth look at how adding Kevin Durant has created a better version of the best team in the league.

Game 1 Recaps

Cavs lose one game and the overreaction is in overdrive – Mike Wise, The Undefeated

It’s 1 game. Lebron is something like 1-7 in Finals Game 1’s, yet he has won 3 of those previous 7 championships. Can’t write him off yet and Wise gives us a number of reasons to pause, while at the same time providing a humourous take on the Cavs bench.

Durant, Warriors overwhelm Cavs in game 1Andrew Flohr, Golden State Of Mind

Andrew Flohr feels like it was all a little too easy for Golden State and now with KD they are an unstoppable force.

Rihanna vs. Durant: How the Queen Can Slay King (LeBron) James’ Biggest Threat – Dave Schilling, Bleacher Report

Can a pop star sway really the Finals? Dave Schilling breaks it down.

Game 2 Previews

Cavaliers and Warriors go into Game 2 with uncertainties and hopes to play better – Tania Ganguli, LA Times

Tania discusses how both teams feel they have a lot of room for improvement. Goes without saying as far as the Cavs performance.

Three Things to Watch for in Game 2: Layups, LeBron and the Warriors laying waste – Ben Rohrbach, Yahoo NBA

Cleveland’s (non-existent) rim protection and transition defense needs to improve dramatically, writes Ben Rohrbach.

Oh yeah, and Klay says he’ll buy the team a toaster if they go 16-0.

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